Featured Fashion Blogger: Aimee Song

Known for her bright and daring style, as well as her talent with interior design, Aimee (pronounced AW-mee) Song has taken the blog world by storm. According to Fashionista.com, Song started her blog “Song of Style” in 2008 originally as a decor blog while studying interior architecture. Paths changed for Song when a photo of one of her outfits got a lot of attention. Song works full time as an interior decorator in Los Angeles, but still manages to update her blog regularly. Song has been featured in Teen Vogue displaying her massive closet (which she built herself), some of her favorite items of clothing and accessories and of course her apartment.

Now, Song’s blog has an interior design section. According to a video in her “About Me” section she plans to focus on lifestyle, as well as fashion and travel, incorporating DIY, beauty, health and fitness and even recipes. She also has a Song of Style shop.


Currently, Song has 2.8 million followers on Instagram. In her interview with Fashionista.com Song is quoted saying, “I personally love Instagram. It’s fun to give a peek into my personal life.” We can definitely see that Aimee.

“Song of Style” is different from a lot of style blogs in that it has multiple elements. It not only captures personal style, it also captures interior style. It also allows you to look through a different fashion lens and experience style from the West Coast. New York is such a huge place for fashion and style that we sometimes forget our West Coast friends. If you’re looking to redecorate your apartment or for some bold and bright fashion inspiration Song of Style is the place to go. Check out her website.


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