Valentines Day is approaching fast and if you are a procrastinator like me, then you are scrambling to find something to do. It is the one day of the year that girls expect to be more romantic than the Notebook.  

Philadelphia is an incredible city. There are so many sights to see and places to go. It isn’t as fast paced as New York City which makes it the perfect place for romance. So, just in time for Valentines Day I have gathered the most romantic spots to visit in Philadelphia.


Down by the river front is a cozy little ice skating rink with heating stations and a lodge bar. You can see the magnificent view of city lights twinkling off the water. The best part is that for Valentines Day they are featuring a Sweetheart Skate. Not only will you get to glide with your loved one, but the special includes chocolates, flowers, a photo booth, and a dj. For more information click here. 


Make Valentines Day unique this year by joining in on a railroad brunch. Enjoy your morning cozied up next to your loved one watching the scenic views of suburban Philadelphia. Your ticket fare includes a three course meal, a complimentary rose, and a complimentary box of truffles. For more information click here. 



Head over to South Philly for a cozy and romantic Italian dinner. Bistro Roman, home to the famous mystery murder dinners, has a special menu for Valentines Day. If you love good Italian food and a rustic setting then this is the place for you. For more information head over to their website here.


In front of Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park sits two benches. How the bench works is that the person on the opposing bench can whisper in the bench and the other person can hear what they say perfectly. It is the perfect way to tell that special someone how much you love them. For more information on how they work click here.


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